From Scruffy to Lovely Book

From Scruffy to Lovely Book

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Have you ever thought about learning to groom your Doodle yourself?

It's the perfect way to relax, spend quality time with your Doodle and improve the relationship with your Doodle.

On top of that you save a lot of money on grooming costs, you get to be creative and most of all: you get to decide how you want your Doodle to look, keep it groomed the way you love (and fell in love with when you first saw your Doodle) AND you take the responsibility for the well being of your Doodle in to your own hands.

And did I mention how satisfying it is to groom your own Doodle? And so much fun!

And learning how to do it in a professional way is a party!




After starting my grooming workshop business for Doodle owners in the Netherlands 4 years ago, I received so many enthusiastic reactions from the Doodle and Waterdog community worldwide that I decided to take my business online, teaching Doodle and Poodle mix owners all over the world how to groom their Doodle themselves, in a natural fluffy way.

Do you want to start taking the well being of your Doodle in to your own hands?

Then this is the place to be.

Happy grooming!

Love, Wanda & Joy