Doodle life lesson


My first blog under this title immediately covers what I find to be the very essence: the purity and authenticity of dogs.

Why do we have dogs in our lives? And how come that we humans get along so well with them? We don't share

that much in common, in fact, evolution has removed many of the capacities that we once shared.

Could it be to remind us of who we really are? Of how we're supposed to be? To inspire us to BE more, like them?

I had a remarkable workshop a while ago. Mind you, they're always special, as there's a lot of learning going on,

to much greater extents than the participants ever hoped for or anticipated, but sometimes it just really clicks together...

The group of participants then consists of a selection of women who seem predestined and hand-picked to help each other out in life.

Like-minded women who share a common vision, and in doing so reach wonderful new insights.

Now, it's hardly strange for women to share this kind of sensitivity when they work with Doodles.

After all, birds of a feather flock together, and I've never met such like-minded women before doing the Doodle workshops.

There was one really remarkable woman at this particular workshop. She supported people on their deathbed,

and while we philosophised about the nature of dogs and Doodles in general, and what their outlook on life is, she

said something intriguing, namely that "the always open and pure personality of dogs is similar to the mood of people in their final hours".

That comment struck home, that's what coaching is all about.

You are born as a pure being. You are open to everything and one with nature and your instincts, until life happens to you.

Your environment begins to smash you with expectations, you are forced into a mould, shaped by experiences that alter the way you see life and yourself.

Atop your pure self comes layer upon layer of judgement, patterns, hampering convictions, pride and self-image to protect your fragile self against the harsh outside world.

You don't just shield yourself from that outside world this way, you also get farther and farther removed from your pure and authentic self.

From the very moment that insight hits you, you get working on dismantling those layers one by one.

To find out who you really are, what you really want, what fits you, and to connect with yourself once again, with your core, your strength and your authenticity.

Painstakingly so you start a race against the clock. The clock of life.

A race that lasts to the very end, until you are on your deathbed and nothing matters anymore, because what is the real purpose anyway?

And suddenly, your layers just wash away.

There's so much we can learn from our dogs.

They don't have any layers. If you touch your dog, you touch him on the inside. That's why their reaction is so pure.

No excuses, no shame, no facade. Watch them, observe them, appreciate them for who they are and LEARN.

Learn how to have a positive outlook on life, how to put yourself at ease.

Learn that it all really doesn't matter, live in the present and just BE. Dare to see through your layers and those of others around you.

Start living as the pure authentic you.

That way, there's no need to die to be reborn ;-)

Enjoy life,

Lots of Doodle love, Wanda and Joy

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