Why did you really choose your Doodle?


What is the reason you chose to have a Doodle in your life?

When I ask my customers that question, I usually get answers like "because my husband or children are allergic", "because I have a sensitive son or daughter", "because we think they are such nice dogs", "because they do not shed”. Pretty practical responses. But have you ever really thought about why you specifically chose a Doodle and not another dog with the same anti-allergenic coat properties? Probably not, because usually that is a matter of gut feeling. But I have a theory about it. I believe that Doodles are here to help us (as people collectively) to get back in touch with our feelings and our "true" self. Because we have lost contact with it en masse during our lives. Because actually, from the moment we go to school, we are forced to walk in line and start operating from our head. And this only increases as we get older, study, work, get responsibilities, obligations and with those the necessary worries, insecurities and stress.

Doodles help us to feel

If you are a bit spiritually inclined you know that this is the time when we return more and more to our feelings and more and more "feel" who we really are and what we've really come here for to do. And because this process isn't easy for everyone, I firmly believe that Doodles are there to help us out. If you have been closed off from your feelings for years, you often do not even know what it is like to feel. Often you are already so wrapped up in your head that you start reasoning every emotional question. If someone asks you "How are you feeling?" you often say without thinking “I'm good, thanks”, just to get rid of it. If someone continues to ask “How do you really feel?” you start thinking and come up with answers like “I think that….” “No, then says that person, I'm not asking what you are thinking, I'm asking what you are FEELING” to which you come up with “I FEEL like I don't know what you mean”

That's why many coaches and therapists often let people who speak from their heads focus on what they feel in their body: pain, a tingling, heat or cold. They ask you to describe that feeling "what does it look like?" so that you are fully focused on that sensation in your body, which often makes the feeling bigger (after all, the thing you give attention to grows) and when they notice that your body reacts in a way they don't ask "what do you think of that?", but "how does that make you feel"? A rather cumbersome way to bring you to your senses, while seeing and feeling a Doodle immediately triggers a certain reaction in you. Doodles therefore have a lowering effect. Even if you find this hard to believe, you will have to admit that you felt something when you first saw your pup, a kind of endearment. One of the most famous and most mentioned qualities of dogs is that they give unconditional love. And that's all there is to it, really.

A Doodle is pure love

Every person needs love, but most of us did not experience the unconditional love that every child needs in order to become a stable, self-confident person. Because parents also have their challenges with regard to learning how to receive and give love (because their parents also had difficulty with that), this is often an important lack that most children face early on. They grow up with the idea that they only get love if they have met certain conditions and thus actually have to earn love.

At school, this only gets worse, because they have to get high grades there to pass and get the approval of teachers, and they also have to do their best to live up to the expectations of boyfriends and girlfriends to "fit in" . The more they go to college and get a job, the bigger the compulsion to achieve gets, so that the idea of being “good enough” quickly disappears. When love comes into play, many of us tend to fill the void we feel (but we can't put into words, because we're not fully aware of it) with the love of the designated other who we think loves us unconditionally, but that is often an illusion) or, if that doesn't work, the love of a child (note: this also happens completely unconsciously). But also often in the form of a dog (or a cat, if you are a cat person, or something else): you are looking for something or someone to whom you can give your attention (and love) to freely and from whom you get love equally in return. Preferably in equal measure.
I always say that a Doodle appeals to our inner child. As a child you also want something soft to hug, something that gives tenderness, warmth, softness and security. Something that helps you feel safe and at home. With whom you can be vulnerable and completely yourself. Who accepts you despite all your pluses and minuses. That's what Doodles do. For you and for your children.

And because you always choose what (in your opinion) suits you best, I am convinced that you are attracted to all the qualities that your Doodle portraits. Which means that you consciously or unconsciously already carry those qualities yourself OR that you also aspire to gain those qualities. That's why I dare to send this article to you, because I know that on some level you understand exactly (and also believe in) what I'm trying to say. If you owned a bull terrier I would never talk to you about spirituality or personal development, because a bull terrier has a completely different energy and thus the owners do too. But the fact that you have chosen a Doodle gives me the confidence that you are just as sensitive and open on a certain level as your Doodle is.

In a next blog I would like to look at what those qualities are that attract you so much in your Doodle. I would love it if you would write down some of them in the comments below.

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Lots of Doodle love,

Wanda & Joy

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