How do you tame your Labradoodle's fleece coat?


Last week I gave a private grooming workshop to a Doodle again and no matter how many private workshops I give, I am always amazed at how much a first impression can differ from reality. After 13 years of grooming Doodles and Waterdogs and teaching workshops for 10 years, I now know that I should not jump to conclusions when I see the fur of a Doodle, but I still sometimes get surprised by my own gullibility. Not in the context of making things right again, because I know that if I proceed step by step, the end result will eventually be beautiful, even if it seems hopeless at first. No, what still surprises me after all these years is that even I, as a professional Waterdog and Doodle groomer, am often still naive about the hard work it takes to completely tame a coat. And I say tame, because I'm talking about unruly coats that I'm trying to get back in line. Sometimes that really feels like taming a wild beast.

And if I think that way, what must it be like for a layman. In other words; for you as Doodle owner?

The difference between the outside and inside of the coat

Where am I going with this introduction? To the importance of properly assessing the coat condition of your dog. Because most often from the outside you get a completely wrong impression of what the coat is like on the inside. You only notice this when you start treating your dog on the grooming table. You can see how fluffy and full a coat is. You can feel how thick and dry or greasy a coat is, but to REALLY know what the coat is like on the inside, you have to brush first. And since most owners also work with the wrong brush, they never notice what is going on INSIDE the coat, because they skim over that layer.

Using the correct brush

But if you brush with the right brush, you HEAR that all kinds of things are going on in that coat. You HEAR where the tangles are, you HEAR where sand or dried damp patches are, you HEAR where felt pads have been developed and you also HEAR if you brush too hard or not hard enough.
As soon as you HEAR these things, you automatically KNOW which step to take next, because you can’t ignore what you hear. Then it only festers further. Without the right brush, however, you will NOT hear these obstacles and have no idea what you are doing. Especially as soon as the coat change has started. Without the right brush you don't get enough loose hair out of the coat, so that tangles and felt A. will inevitably develop and B. tangles and felt that are already there will only grow further. What then happens is what I often hear owners say “it seems as if the tangles magically appear from one day to the next”.

You need more than just a good brush

Brushing seems so easy. Still, brushing in the wrong way, with the wrong stuff, is cause # 1 why most Doodles and Water Dogs get matted between the ages of 7 and 12 months. But good brushing alone is not enough, because most coats need more. The most popular Doodle coat is the curly fleece coat and preferably as little curly as possible and as much fleece as possible. The more fleece, the more cuddly, snuggly and bearlike the coat appears. And I have to say that I love it myself, but the truth is: “the more fleece, the more“ strings attached ”. Because fleece hair is fluffy and porous, so quick to tangle. And the more fleece, the thicker, fluffier and more porous the coat is.

The most tangle sensitive coat colours

Especially with the popular Caramel, Apricot, White and light brown / blond colored coats you sometimes feel no tangles or felt at first, but as soon as you start brushing you notice there is resistance, you hear all kinds of intangible obstacles in the coat and without thinning the coat thoroughly first, the problem only gets worse. What then happens is what I often hear owners say: “the groomer shaved him, while I thought him to be totally free of tangles”.
A missed opportunity and totally unnecessary, because with the right tools and techniques you can easily keep the coat of your Doodle tangle-free and fluffy YOURSELF. AND prevent your DOODLE from being shaved. Because let's be honest: most owners DO NOT CHOOSE to have their Doodle shaved. Most owners think it's terrible. And I would not recommend it for the wellbeing of your dog. For several reasons that I will go into another time.

The best for your Labradoodle

If I can say one thing about my customers, I can proudly report that they all want the best for their Doodle. They all want to keep their coat free of tangles and as healthy as possible. They all want to prevent their dog from being shaved. They all want to build a strong relationship with their Doodle through the coat care and enjoy the 1 on 1 quality time. Most Doodle owners want that, don't they? That's why you chose a Doodle. Yet many owners still invest in the wrong grooming tools and lack the skills to easily keep the coat tangle-free and fluffy THEMSELVES, which is the prerequisite to avoid shaving. Or they rely on unnatural detanglers and extreme detangling tools that sabotage their dog's well-being.

LIVE workshop on Mai 6th 2021

That is why I am going to give a special LIVE workshop on Mai 6th in which I teach you the right techniques with the right tools. So that you have everything you need to be able to keep your Doodle or Oodle completely tangle-free and fluffy from now on, and to prevent shaving.
When I set up DoodleComfort 10 years ago, developed the first grooming workshops for Doodle and Water dog owners and made Labradoodle coat care known to the public, I made it my mission to help owners worldwide give their Doodle the best care and grooming themselves. To use an optimal coat care as a first tool in strengthening the owner / dog relationship. However, since I started giving my private workshops, I have not been able to reach the general public anymore. Despite the fact that I simply offer my online training courses for sale, I notice that the threshold is too high for many owners. Most prefer to be personally guided in learning new skills. And I understand that. Corona forced me to look at my way of working. I asked myself how I could make my offer available in such a way that I can reach several owners at the same time AND YET give personal guidance. My answer lay in a unique new style Doodle grooming workshop, the result of which will prove itself on Mai 6th.

The price is NO obstacle!

A few Doodle owners have already registered for the lowest possible investment ever. I want to ask you to register too, because the skills I teach you, nobody else will teach you, they are the basis for an optimal coat care of your Doodle and therefore a must for every owner. And whether or not you also want to learn how to shape your Doodle or Oodle in the (near) future; a tangle-free, healthy coat is a prerequisite to keep every Doodle healthy and happy. So if you want to give your Doodle the best care yourself, this is your chance to take the first step.

I hope to see you on Mai 6th! Register today and feel great tomorrow! Your Doodle will be ever so thankful!

Lots of Doodle love,
Wanda & Joy

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