How to keep the ears of your Labradoodle clean and healthy?


Many Doodles are sensitive to the excessive creation of earwax and ear problems .

Those beautiful, long thick ears ensure that the ears are always hot and humid, which is an ideal environment for bacterial inconvenience.

Especially if your Doodle is allergic to other things, the risk of ear problems is all the greater. And if your Doodle loves to swim regularly, the ears are all the more difficult to keep healthy and clean

Quite often Doodle owners ask me how to deal with the ears. 
The vet says to stay away from them, but meanwhile the hairs in the ears are growing steadily. 
Some veterinarians pick them theirselves, possibly with the dog in question under anaesthetic ( with all its consequences ), other vets leave the hairs out of principle and 
only clean the ear with ear cleanser.

How do you, as an owner know what the right thing to do is?

A dog with a thick, full, soft furry coat will generally have a lot of hair in its ears.
This hair impedes the oxygen supply to the ear canal. 
If that happens, the ear wax will accumulate and cause large lumps in the ear and ear mites get free play. 
If you do not remove the hair from the ear, ear problems sooner or later may be the result. A neglected ear infection may even cause more damage, including deafness or brain damage.

If you use ear cleaner in an ear that is full of hair, it will not be able to do its job correctly.
Only when the hair is removed from the ear, an ear cleaner will work effectively.

But most oorcleaners are liquid, greasy and cause dirty spots and knots below the ears .

There is a better solution!

Pure Aloe vera is a 100 % natural product that has anti- bacterial, anti-inflammatory and cell rejuvenating properties. 
In other words, it cleans the ear naturally and cures the skin from within.

If you take up cleaning the ears with Aloe Vera Spray right before plucking them and afterwards with the Aloe vera gelly (or Propolis cream, mixed with the gelly to sooth and cure inflammation) you can help keep the ears of your Doodle healthy and clean in a natural way.

To ensure that your Doodle is cleansed and cared for from the inside out, preventing allergies and ear problems or other ailments or diseases ( by increasing the resistance and strengthening the immune system) you can add the Aloe vera drinkgel to its daily diet. The Aloe vera drinkgel has multiple healing and nourishing properties that promote the health and wellbeing of your Doodle ( see link below ), and keep the coat and skin healthy and strong.

If you use these products regularly, you can be sure that the ears of your Doodle are well taken care off. 

How and when do you pluck the ears?

If your Doodle has a lot of hair in its ears, monthly or every two monthly plucking is a must ( depending on how fast the hair grows ) . 
Most groomers see the earcare as part of the grooming session, however, not all of them pluck them carefully or in the right way, causing small cuts in the ear which could become inflammated.

A doodle that has a negative association with plucking the ears, will not allow it to be done a next time ( which is why an early puppy grooming habituation is a must! )

To pluck the ears pianlessly, always use earpowder!
This makes the hair stiff, giving you a better grip and helping it to be removed painlessly. Divide the earpowder in the ear and massage it in order to spread. 
Use your thumb and forefinger to very carefully pluck the hair, with small tufts of hair at a time (you will notice that this is easy ) and keep going until you can feel the hair becoming greasier ( this hair often has a brownish color of the wax ).
If you find it hard to reach the hairs deeper inside the ear, use ear pliers. 

Note that you don't scratch the insides of the ear. Move along the side ( the big hole that you can see when you open the ear ) with the pliers gently until you can feel the strand of hair and pull it gently out of the ear. You are done when you can look freely into the ear canal and the ear looks clean and clear.

Your Doodle will thank you!

Only start plucking hair when you can clearly see what you're doing, otherwise you could scratch the ear, causing irritation.

Always be in calm while you are plucking the ears. This will keep your doodle calm and give it confidence. Don't ever rush!

Do not pluck the ears completely bare, because the hairs have a protective function! Only remove the hairs that are causing the problems!

Always feel the resistance of the hair and wait until it automatically releases in stead of plucking them.
No twisting and pulling, no pulling big strands of hair at a time! Plucking the ears the right way requirespatiencand perseverance, but is rewarded with a stress-free, calm Doodle that knows that it is completely safe with you.

Most dogs have a love / hate relationship with the plucking of the ears. On the one hand they love the feeling (head tilted, moaning), on the other hand, they find it scary! 
If you have trouble holding the head, then have someone help you hold it while you do the plucking.

If you are restless or nervous while plucking the ears (because you find it scary to do), you can affect your doodle.
Take a few deep breaths until you are feeling calm and then start again .


Many people are afraid of damaging the eardrums when they go too deeply into the ear canal.


The ears of a dog are L- shaped, with the eardrums safe and sound on the other side of the L. 
How deep you reach into the earcanal with your pliers, you would have to bend the pliers to ever do any damage to the eardrums.

Improving the relationship with your Doodle

I hope this information will help you keep the ears of your Doodle clean and healthy.

By tackling this yourself from puppy hood on, in the right way on a regular basis you will build a relationship with your Doodle, based on mutual trust and confidence.
Practice makes perfect and if your Doodle discovers that ear plucking does not hurt, it will allow plucking the ears more easily every time you do it.

Happy grooming!

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