A while ago I wrote a blog in which I asked you why you chose your Doodle and I stated that in my opinion there is always a deeper reason for this than you could ever imagine, because life is so magical. This time I want to explore with you which are the characteristics that attract(ed) you in your Doodle?. I am convinced that we always subconsciously choose what suits us best. These can be properties that we have ourselves, but more often than not, they are properties that we aspire to for ourselves. And so we unconsciously choose the dog who can teach us the most.

My truth about Doodles

When I look at Doodles this is my truth (and when I say "my truth", I mean it is how I experience the world and how I "know" the world "is"). That deeper layer that most of us don't see because we don't open our eyes to it. As a life coach, I have always thought that Doodles appeal to our inner child. To the unconditional love and attention we missed as children from our parents (after all, this is where most problems in our later lives begin; a lack of love that we unconsciously experienced as children). Doodles are like living teddy bears that we can cuddle whenever we want and will never make us feel like we are not good enough. They often give us more love with their presence and attention than we have ever known (or will ever know) simply because they are non-judgmental. Doodles have no ego and our ego is what usually makes people insufferable (to ther people AND to ourselves). Doodles are just light and love and we feel that in our whole being. That attracts us like moths to a flame.

What kind of human do you want to be?

But there is more. How would you like to be as a human being? If you were to sketch your ideal self, what character or person traits (or maybe even external features) would you attribute to yourself? Years ago, I wrote down these characteristics in one of my 3 idea books for my future coaching practice (it's about time I started reading those books again, by the way, because I suspect that the time is almost upon us to put more of those ideas into the world: that's so exciting!).

The personality traits I noted for Doodles at the time are:

  • Quiet
  • Cheerful
  • Soft (outside and inside)
  • Cuddly (so loving)
  • Sweet
  • Playful
  • Social
  • Obedient
  • Receptive
  • Open
  • Honest

And I'm sure there are many more.

However, where it starts to get interesting is when you look at behavior patterns that Doodles exhibit. Because often those are the things we as humans are blocked in and have limiting beliefs about.

  • Standing up for yourself
  • Fully able to relax
  • Just being
  • Listening to your feelings
  • Showing vulnerability
  • being happy with small things
  • Never holding grudges
  • Easy to get along with
  • Open and free (also towards strangers)
  • Pure & authentic
  • Speaking out, asking for and taking what you need
  • A very high level of trust in the world and others
  • Daring to surrender
  • Fully grounded
  • Standing for what you believe in
  • Free from negative thoughts
  • Not letting your mood influence your behavior
  • Love for yourself
  • Set clear boundaries
  • Forgive and move on
  • Don't make yourself smaller than you are
  • Don't see the bears on the road
  • Don't fill in for others
  • Free from judgment and criticism
  • Not taking advantage of someone
  • Shameless
  • Greeting each day with a smile / never get out of bed on the wrong foot
  • Dare to express feelings and fears
  • Go for what you want
  • To be able to allow love
  • To be able to give love
  • No negative self-image
  • No mask to hide what you really feel/think
  • Sincere & honest
  • Taking the space you need
  • Not pleasing

Is this recognizable to you?

The healing properties of Doodles

There are so many stories about how healing the presence of a Doodle can be in a family. They do so much for us unnoticed. When I set my eyes on Joy 10 years ago (because there happened to be one puppy in the litter at my parents' house that I really felt a connection with and of which I knew that she fully embodied the name "Joy" that I had come up with 2 years earlier), Gerben resisted. He did NOT like me, grew up with dogs and really didn't feel like getting one at all. Every standard argument he came up with, I skilfully dismissed. I felt very clearly that a person who does NOT soften at the sight and feel of such a cuddly puppy, was NOT someone I wanted to live with. That may sound harsh, but think about it. What kind of person does NOT fall in love with something that appeals to your inner child? This is someone who has not only not known love, but who is completely hardened inside as a result. Who may have experienced love in a damaging/negative way (because his parents were incapable of more) and whose heart is closed as a result. To me, that is a predictor of an unhappy love life. So the person I chose to be my partner shouldn't help but fall in love with the puppy I picked out. And so it happened. Thank goodness, because choosing between Gerben and Joy was not an option. It is the classic story of which I hear all kinds of versions every day: wife wants dog, husband objects, dog wraps husband and wife around his little paw...

The Doodle that picked you (as often is the case) feels that this is the family he is supposed to help. Because that's what it comes down to. You can believe that you are soul mates who have already agreed in advance that you would seek each other out in this life to help each other in your development. You can also simply assume that your Doodle is MORE than just another dog you decided to take into your home and into your heart.

Your Doodle is your life coach

You are on Earth to develop yourself. To grow in consciousness and to achieve self-realization (yes, I'm just throwing that in, because it's that simple). To create your paradise on Earth as you may. And your Doodle has come to you to help you with that. So in addition to comforting you when you need it and offering you the unconditional support, friendship and acceptance and love that you need, your Doodle is much much more. For starters, you can use him as a mirror for all those behavior patterns you want to develop in yourself, that he naturally has. Allow your Doodle to teach you how life can be. Allow your Doodle to open your heart even further and inspire you to become even more one with nature. With YOUR nature. Because in essence you are exactly what your Doodle is: light & love. So allow your Doodle to teach you how to let go of your ego and live, as life is meant to be.

And if all this is still too much “woowoo” for you, I hope at least that I have opened a hatch in you to see your Doodle with different eyes than you have done so far. To embrace with more awareness than before the DoodleComfort in your life as the enrichment that it is. Then allow your Doodle to just let happen what will happen. Enjoy all the Doodle moments and savor each day!

Own your Doodle, own your life coaching

The fact that I have only now been able to put into words what I have been feeling and knowing for years, but have not been able to express, tells me that the time may have come to pick up my coaching again. Do you feel that learning to groom your Doodle yourself is step 1 for you to essentially connect with your Doodle and through your Doodle with your true self? And finally clear away those limiting behavioral and thinking patterns that have been keeping you from living the life you truly want for years, and that you feel truly IS in your reach?

I think I told you before that I am thinking about developing a membership to help you firstly: learn how to groom your Doodle as a fluffy pup in a natural non clipping way, and secondly: how to take it's wellbeing into your own hands with natural remedies, the right food and the right disease preventing skills. Well, I want to follow that up with a self-coaching module, teaching you how to really connect with your Doodle, how to use him as your life coach and lastly: how to re-connect with YOUR true self through your Doodle and build the life you really want. I feel that this is my real task in this life. And through a membership program I am able to reach every Doodle owner in the world, from behind my laptop.
But first I would like to know from you: would you like to be able to access and use such a program? Selecting for yourself which modules you would like to learn and which ons you wouldn't? I,d love to hear!

Lots of Doodle love,

Wanda & Joy

Labradoodle online grooming program