How to shape your Doodle's ears?


What’s your favourite Doodle look?

Most owners will answer that they want their Doodle to look as bear-like as possible. That's generally the ideal

picture of a Doodle, right? A living teddy bear?

Sometimes people take that ideal picture to the extreme by grooming the head and the ears heart-shaped, with small shaped ears. 

Now, I'm all for that teddy bear look. Those close to me know all about my adamant objection to clipping a Doodle short.

But I do think that a dog should look like a dog.

I don't want much to do with those tamagotchi (Asian-style grooming) models that you see pop up more often nowadays.

The same goes for ears that have been groomed too short, or thinned out, making them look flat.


Alright, so I carry a bit of prejudice as a Barbet fanatic. I like full, lengthy ears. Just have a look at my Joy and you’ll see what I mean.

But then again, unlike a Doodle, the ears of a Barbet should never be groomed.

As far as I'm concerned, keep those ears nice and fluffy. Just don’t lose sight of the body proportions.

If your long-eared Doodle looks like a Basset Griffon, trim down the ears just a little.

That should keep the head and ears as a nice consistent whole. It gives it that younger, more gentle and playful appearance.

Generally, trimming your dog’s head and ears boils down to maintaining the length of the muzzle. If you then draw

an imaginary line from a distance, the head and ears form into a nice, square framework. Rather than a long,

upward or even flat rectangle, or a triangle pointing down.

And if you trim the ears with fine trimming scissors, instead of regular straight scissors, you'll keep the ears full and looking natural instead of flat.

Of course, there are so many different kinds of Doodles that this general guideline doesn't always fit the bill.

Always be sure to look at your Doodle and its coat type and based on that, settle for the style that'll best fit him.

Does your Doodle look like a Labrador? If so, refrain from cutting his ears, as that might ruin his entire look.

That's how Doodles all have their own custom style of trimming. 

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Have fun grooming!

Oh, and I'd love to hear about how you like your Doodle's ears (and those of other Doodles near you).


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Best wishes,

Wanda & Joy