How to get your Labradoodle through the holidays cool and tangle free?


It's that time again!

We’re all packing those suitcases and loading up our cars and caravans with luggage. Time to head towards the sun, sea and sand!

If I turn my head to glance outside, I'd love nothing more than to go with you.

It's the same quest every year: finding a suitable holiday address for your Doodle or Poodle mix breed.


Because if you can't take your sweetheart along, you at least want him to stay somewhere nice. Right?

And preferably, you will opt for a boarding kennel that provides some grooming, as believe you me, your dog will roll around in the mud and play about in the sand.

Even if you've found a temporary home for your dog, at your family perhaps, you never know how the little thing will be returned to you.

Most boarding kennels will bathe your dog, but they don't know how to trim a Doodle or water dog, and most family members are clueless about an optimal grooming regime. Besides, you don't want to force that upon them anyway, as you're more than glad that they're willing to babysit.

If you're taking your dog with you on holiday, it helps to take along a few trimming tools, like

If you don't have these essential products yet, you should really start thinking of getting them. They will be your new best friends! 

This way, you can still give your dog a weekly brush, thin the fur to keep your dog cooler whilst preventing mats and tangles and blow dry the fur when it has become wet or sandy.

Obviously, you should try to keep your dog in the shade as much as possible. Give him a wet, cold towel to lie down on or offer him a special dog tub to let him cool off. You can also purchase special bandanas, cooled in the fridge before you put them on.

Keep a close watch on the ears as well, as warm weather will make them extra moist and thus extra prone to ear infection, especially if your dog swims or gets wet often.

Whether your take your Doodle away or with you on holiday: have him trimmed nice and short to about 16 mm and thinned out if you don't have your own thinning scissors.

An even better alternative is that you order the Total Professional Doodle self grooming home study program right before you leave. That way you can holiday-prep his fur all by yourself and keep him groomed during the holiday to prevent overheating and tangles.

And if your dog does look a mess when you pick him up after your holiday, all the more reason to do the self grooming home study program to prevent this next time.

Go to the site for more information: Total Professional Doodle self grooming home study program

Happy holidays!

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I've got one last piece of advice for dog owners who feed their dog fresh/frozen food. If you want to add meat to their diet without being dependent on a freezer, purchase a large bag of Orijen or Ziwipeak before you leave. It's 80% meat dry pet food, 100% natural without any additives like colouring agents, flavour enhancers and other crappy additives. This keeps your dog on a healthy diet.

Happy grooming! 

Wanda & Joy

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