Requirements for a good, stable grooming table


Do you own a good grooming table already?
Or are you still looking for the right one.

I feel you, because although there are various cheap grooming tables available on the internet, cheap is often NOT what you are looking for where the safety of your Doodle is concerned. I know, because I have teaching owners how to groom their Doodle as a fluffy pup again for 10 years now and I haven't seen many grooming tables that I would approve of. Electrical grooming tables aren't practical in a normal home, same story for Hydraulic grooming tables so those are not an option for most Doodle parents. What's left are the ones you can find on the internet, mostly instable grooming tables, that are often not adjustable in height, not strong and big enough for standard Doodles and always come with a grooming arm that's to small to secure your Doodle well. The ones that are adjustable in height often have telescope legs that wobble the higher you go. And most sensitive Doodles do NOT feel safe on a wobbling grooming table, even if they are secured.

So what do you look for in a good grooming table?

A good grooming table has the following properties:

  • The table top must be large enough to give your Doodle enough space (I only sell grooming tables that are 60 cm x 100 cm)
  • The legs and frame must be stable and sturdy enough to support your Doodle 
  • The table top must be covered with a layer of rubber, so that your Doodle cannot slip
  • The table height should be such that you don't hurt your back while brushing and trimming (by either working to low or to high)
  • Preferably, the table should be adjustable in height, so that you can vary the height when necessary to spare your body as much as possible. If you want to trim Doodles of various sizes, an adjustable grooming table is even more indispensable.
  • Grooming table should be collapsible, foldable and portable for easy moving and storing.
  • The grooming table must be equipped with a wide grooming arm.

Labradoodle best grooming table

Why does a grooming need a wide grooming arm?

Most grooming tables that are available online have a short grooming arm. This results in your Doodle being larger than the grooming arm is wide. Making it impossible to secure him well with grooming straps both for the groin and for the neck.

Make sure you always use a wide grooming arm with two separate attachment points (see photo), so that your Doodle is secured with both his stomach and his neck.

That way you can be sure that your Doodle doesn't:

A. Sit or move when you are working with sharp scissors close to the groin
B. Easily squeeze free and jumps off the table

In the years that my mother and I have been dog groomers, we have reviewed many grooming tables.

Although an electric grooming table is the ultimate, this is not interesting for most owners, because you need a permanent place for it and even if the table has folding wheels, it is very heavy and very expensive to purchase. This is even more true for a hydraulic grooming table (except they are cheaper)

The next best thing is the 3 position table I use. This one meets all the conditions I've already mentioned and is the best professional folding table you can have.

I use it during the workshops and have it lying in my car for when ever I need it. It's the ideal table, because very stable, adjustable in height and under 10 kg in weight. For many years it wasn't available anymore, because the former supplier stopped selling them and I couldn't find a manyfacturer for years. Fortunately this year I told my supplier about what I thought was lacking with all the grooming tables available on the internet and he agreed with me. Together we designed a new grooming table that's even better than the one I am still using and it's almost ready. I say almost, because as you might have guessed COVID 19 has been a problem here too. All the goods that need to be shipped from abroad have months of shipping delay. So even though my supplier received a few of the grooming tables in the meantime, they are all missing a wide grooming arm. So now I am selling them to Doodle owners with 2 seperate small grooming arms, which does the trick as well.

I am quite sure that this kind of grooming table is not sold in other countries. I have never seen a foreign supplier that has them. If you want me to have one shipped to you I can find out about the shipping costs. 

Otherwise I would advise you to look for a similar grooming table, using the knowledge I just gave you.  

If you plan on grooming your Doodle yourself, you will have to invest in the right professional gear and they are simply more expensive than the stuff you can find in the pet store. Just be sure that the tools and scissors you buy are suitable for the often high-maintenance Doodle coats.

Know that a good grooming table will last several dogs' lives and it really makes the grooming process so much easier and nicer. That way it's an investment,in your and your Dood's wellbeing.

Even if you've just bought a puppy that you don't think needs grooming for a long time, securing (and brushing) it daily on the grooming table will help your puppy get used to you grooming from an early age and surrender to you out of trust and respect. 

What's learned in the cradle and so on.... the sooner you start doing this, the more you will benefit from it.

Lots of Doodle love,

Wanda & Joy 

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