The Labradoodle lesson to letting go


I am a Doodle CoatXpert and a transformation coach for people and their dogs. As such,
I give private grooming workshops for dog owners who are keen on learning to groom their
Doodle in a natural, fluffy way.

At these grooming workshops (and mostly the puppy habituation workshop, because older dogs are more accustomed to standing on a table) I have witnessed puppies putting
up a fight when being constrained.

For instance when the head is being held, or leg, or when the tail is lifted. When it's being brushed, or simply when it has to stand on a table.
Makes perfect sense. After all, a puppy just wants to play, play some more and then sleep.
Living up to someone else's expectations isn't quite part of a their repertoire yet at the age of 5 months.

As soon as the owner demands something, the puppy will see that as a deprivation of its freedom and it'll put up a fight.
It's impossible to handle them in that state and the puppy will just get more stressed out. But sooner or later, the pup will accept its situation.
It stops resisting and just submits to its owner. This is often marked by a long drawn-out sigh and a relaxing of the body.

The pup is then ready to take commands and will learn whatever needs doing in no time.
Puppies are very quick learners, but their lack of life experience makes them fearful of the unknown.

Labradoodle pup in overgave

As soon as a pup realises that its owner isn't looking to harm her, and that cooperating is entirely pain-free and possibly even pleasant, the same exercise will be much easier
the second time round and after just a few repetitions it'll be second nature.

The moral of the story: letting go adds flow to your life.
Doodles have mastered the art of letting go. If they have some time before they get to go for a walk, before dinner time or before getting some attention, your Doodle will just lie down
in its favourite spot and take a nap.
They can sleep for hours on end until it's time to do something. If only it were as easy for us.

Like, I have this habit of trying extra hard if my life isn't working out like I want it to.
It turns me into a pitbull where I don't let go until I've turned my fortune around. That's a definite pitfall of entrepreneuring, but I do the same thing when I go for walks.
After all, these quirks carry over to anything we do.
So when I'm walking and my feet are starting to hurt or I get tired, in stead of slowing down, I'll begin to walk extra fast to get home sooner.
It doesn't dawn on me that I can just sit down, rest my feet and enjoy the walk more.
No, I remain fixed in my control mode and I try to will things to go my way.

Eventually I realise that it's more tiring and stressful to keep latching on and try to get what I want, rather than letting go, accepting my situation and surrendering to the

By its very definition, the unknown is scary because it's unfamiliar. That applies as much to people as it does to puppies. After all, you never know what happens inside
the black hole of not-knowing. Our survival instinct triggers us to put up a fight rather than to trust, while having trust is actually a big part of the solution.
If we let go and surrender, to the unknown, to the cosmos or to another person, we will quickly find that we're not diving nose-first into a black hole, but that we survive.
In fact, it will introduce new things into our lives and before we know it we've got a nice flow going. 

Each time we are thrown in at the deep end, we are like a puppy on a grooming table.
Why shouldn't we just let go and surrender to the unknown?
Why not sleep until something wakes us? Think of all the stress, fear and anxiety it could save us. The joy and peace it could bring to our lives.
Thoughts of uncertainty and fear cannot plague you in your sleep and when you wake up you feel reborn; powerful enough enough to meet your challenges head on.
So let's do what our Doodles do, and let's take some well deserved naps until life calls for us. Wouldn't our world look much nicer if we all lived this way?

Something to think about in these stressful times. Stay safe and care for each other.

Lots of Doodle love,
Wanda & Joy

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