The no. 1 tool NOT to use for your Labradoodle's coat


Does your Doodle have a thick coat?
And does it seem to thicken as your Doodle grows older?
Well, you are not imagining things!
Right from when the shedding begins (at roughly 6 months) until the shedding stops (roughly 3 years), coats can continue to change.

Things like castration or sterilisation can also affect coat structure some 6 months after the procedure.
Often, what it boils down to is that the dog gets this fuzzy undercoat that can thicken and grow fuzzier over time.
And as that undercoat grows thicker and fuzzier, it automatically becomes more sensitive to tangling.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor hondenhark

A dog blow dryer helps a great deal to prevent this fuzzy layer from felting when your Doodle has gotten dirty or wet.
But that alone won't cut it.
One way or the other, the coat will need to be thinned out to make that fuzzy layer less compact and prone to tangling.
Many dog owners rely on so-called undercoat rakes, those with the sharp claws attached.
Raking the coat with it does remove a lot of hair.
It's not the most Doodle-friendly tool to use.

These rakes are primarily used for dogs like sheepdogs and indeed they are very suitable for them, because they have a very coarse outer coat and a loose, woolly undercoat.
The rake will easily slide through that outer coat and latches on to the loose undercoat, removing it altogether.
So yes, definitely a very efficient solution for dogs with a coarse outer coat and a loose, soft undercoat.
If I'm right, your Doodle has neither a coarse outer coat nor loose undercoat fluff.

So you can imagine that this type of rake won't just slide through the coat and remove the loose undercoat.
No, Doodles will have their coats ripped apart.
And if you are not careful, you'll also damage the skin as Doodles aren't protected by their undercoat.
What's more, most Doodles (especially the light-coloured ones) have very sensitive skin.

It couldn't be more clear that these rakes aren't the most coat-friendly thinning solution out there.
So what is?

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Lots of Doodle love,
Wanda & Joy