The ONLY way to brush your Labradoodle effectively


How do you feel when you're grooming your Doodle?

Do you feel at all rushed? Trying to get it over with pronto?

Or do you instead regard it as some quality alone time with your Doodle. Nice and easy?

And how is your Doodle behaving?

Does he trust you blindly?

Does he use his whole bag of tricks to get away from your brush?


Labradoodle brushing


Or does he feel playful, trying to snatch that brush (and your hand) whenever he can?

Your Doodle being uneasy or relaxed speaks volumes about your own physical and mental state at that time.

During my workshops, I noticed many dog owners brush their dogs quite roughly: hard, fast and applying a lot of pressure.

Most aren't aware that they're doing it. Not until after I point it out to them.

But have you ever tried to brush your dog in a calm, quiet way?

And did you notice what effect that has?

The sheer difference in behaviour?

Take my word for it: the difference is huge.

Brushing is a way of touching your dog.

And touching always has a healing effect.

Most of us could have done with more touching in our lives.

It embodies attention and love: loving attention.

Being seen for who you are.

And you're not the only one who calms down by touching and being touched: your Doodle benefits from it in just the same way.

But the touch has to be a loving one for that to happen. Soft, gentle, and with all the right intentions.

Don’t do it hastily, rough or fast, fast, fast. That doesn't help anyone.

As soon as you learn to brush your Doodle in a calm tempo, you too will become more relaxed.

Your Doodle will actually calm down because of two things.

A. He can sense your loving approach.

B. He automatically responds to your calm energy.

What's more, you'll notice that if you use the brush in a calm way, the brushing itself becomes much more effective.

Two birds with one stone.

How great is that?

Most things in life are amazingly simple. And that's precisely why they work so well.

I would like you to experience how simple and amazing brushing can be.

I can't wait to see your reaction!

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Happy grooming!

Lots of Doodle love,

Wanda & Joy

Labradoodle grooming