I'll jump right in with the good news: Joy does not have osteoarthritis!!!! (see previous blog: https://www.fromscruffytolovely.com/blog/does-joy-have-osteoarthritis)

At least, not yet. She is prancing about in the meadow like a lamb again and we have also resumed our nice walks. This owner is very happy!

But I was worried for a moment, because a few days after her left front leg healed (from what turned out to be a wound in her paw, on the side of her foot pad), she started to limp with her right front leg. And if I had to treat her not only for her intestines and kidneys, but also for osteoarthritis, that could have been too much of a burden for her body. That did not seem wise.

Fortunately she turned out to have the same kind of spot between her pads on that leg too. What does immediately ring the alarm bells again, because these spots can not have arisen by scraping a paw pad by running too fast and stopping to abruptly (this is often the case if you throw a ball and your dog runs after it). These spots either originated from the outside (but then she must have been standing on something sharp) or came from the inside (which is more likely). Either way, it means that Joy's immune system is way too low, making her susceptible to developing these spots. And besides all the other ailments and symptoms she already showed (including a little wound on her back leg and the regular hotspots on her back) this fits perfectly in the overall picture of a body that has too much waste products in it. But anyway, we already started with the intestinal protocol and the support of the kidneys and with that we automatically restore the immune system, so we can't do more at the moment (I say "we", because for the treatment I work together with my teacher from the Dog Natural Health training, with whom I discuss everything).

So the positive news is that Joy is just her old, young self again, where it is not at all noticeable that she is already 10 years old. And even though, according to my mother, only a few Barbets have lived to be 10 years old, I am confident that Joy will live a few more years. In good health, because now that I know how to help her, I will do everything to give her a happy, joyful, painless, disease-free old age.

She enjoys eating the new Pure Instinct raw meat and that is super nice, because now I know that she gets the right proportions of good animal proteins, fats, fluids, fibers, vitamins and minerals. I don't have to give her any supplements anymore, only some extra animal proteins through the 100% meat sticks she gets as a snack. Since I don't want to feed Joy beef or chicken, the choice with only goat and horse/turkey is pretty limited. So I am giving Kangaroo, Deer and Ostrich meat sticks to get to the 5 animal proteins per week. I was planning to give her the 90% meat kibble she sort of likes next to the raw meat, because it's a lot more practical for me and she eats it. But now that we're working on her intestines it doesn't make sense to add another type of food. Moreover, even those kibble contains carbohydrates and that's something healthy intestines can't handle, let alone damaged intestines. In addition, I recently learned through training that peas in the food inhibit the absorption of nutrients in the body and there are quite a few of those (as fiber, vegetable protein and natural fillers) in the kibble I gave Joy, so that eliminates that brand for me in the future as well. Which is a real shame, because I was always super positive about it and don't know of any other kibble that is better.

So for now I'll have to order a week's supply of Pure Instinct meat, every week, because my small freezer just doesn't fit any more 500 gr sausages. Pretty impractical, but if that's all and I can guarantee my dog a long, healthy life, then I'll sign for that. :)

And if Joy does eventually develop osteoarthritis (which I hope to prevent with the current treatment and yearly detox treatments), then I know how to support her with that, without being dependent on chemical medications that damage her intestines and attack her immune system. How nice is that? And how nice is it to know what I can do NOW to prevent her from getting so much waste into her body that she starts developing these kinds of ailments and diseases? If I had had this knowledge and insights and tools earlier I probably could have prevented Joy from having regular hotspots and seemingly inexplicable wounds. That she has dirty goo in the corners of her eyes every morning, that she had problems with her stool and had full anal glands, that she walks around scratching every day, has a greasy coat with flakes, and that she flaps her ears regularly even though there is little to find there.

But at least I'm gaining this knowledge now so I can help Joy before it's too late. And I bet that this is exactly what I need to do now, that it fits exactly into my life mission. That from first providing optimal coat care, I now also get to teach owners how to take the entire well-being of their Doodle into their own hands. Because everything I learn I will pass on. And this is knowledge that every owner should have. Because the way we treat our dogs currently is unnatural and if anyone points this out it is the Doodles. Doodles as a fact are extra sensitive and simply cannot cope with the current, mostly chemical, treatment methods. Witness the many Doodles who currently get sick, have allergies and other ailments and of which I am convinced that it will only get more and worse until we matters into our own hands. And why not? Once upon a time we humans were close to nature and knew exactly how to use nature to our advantage, how to cooperate with nature instead of abusing and destroying it for our own gain. Why have we become so far removed from that and put our fate in the hands of medical professionals (who are often only focused on the treatment of the current problem and not on the background or its consequences and certainly not on prevention) and the pharmaceutical industry which is oh so powerful and in which so much money is made from originally natural remedies, diluted with chemical garbage (which reduces the natural effect and increases side effects) at the expense of our health and that of our dogs?

By taking care of your Doodle yourself in the most natural way, you will discover what harmful effects all artificial substances and additives and chemical medication actually have on your Doodle (as a small piece of pure, innocent, vulnerable nature; micro-nature as it were) and therefore on yourself as well (because your body reacts exactly the same, only we are too much in our heads to be aware of it). Learning to groom your Doodle yourself in a natural, fluffy way is step 1 to making that connection with your Doodle. Delving into the health of your Doodle and helping your Doodle heal itself is step 2. And that's what I'd like to start facilitating.

First of all by training a new breed of holistic Doodle Vitality groomers so that you can always find a groomer who knows Doodles through and through, knows how to approach them, has insight into the disease process and can help you keep your Doodle healthy and happy through natural means. Who can give you advice so that you can give your Doodle the right food, without garbage, so that you can prevent allergies and skin problems and so that, IF you are forced to go to the vet, you can minimize the harmful effects of anesthesia, antibiotics, vaccinations and chemical medications. 

And secondly, by teaching the owners who are ready for this, through an online membership program not only how they can trim their Doodle themselves as a fluffy puppy again, but also how they can take the well-being of their Doodle into their own hands, in a natural way. For me, DoodleComfort is so incredibly comprehensive and the practical side looks like this. I hope you find it as beautiful a vision of the future as I do.

Lots of Doodle love,

Wanda & Joy

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