What's the best food for my Doodle puppy?


I recently got this question from someone and I thought it would be instructive to share the answer with you.

Use it to your advantage! :-)

Dear Wanda,

I just finished reading the nutrition chapter from your book "From Scruffy to Fluffy."
Thank you for this clear and comprehensive information. You indicated in your book that you may contact us for some healthy food suggestions, hence my email

We have an 11 week old Australian Labradoodle puppy.
She now gets Royal Canin puppy kibble and fresh meat from 'Carnibest natural food Puppy' 2 days a week. We received both from the breeder.
Now we would like to get rid of the Royan Canin kibble, because they contain too many 'unhealthy' ingredients.
I've done research on the internet, but I can't figure it out.
I'm thinking of 'Acana heritage Puppy', 'Edgar and Cooper puppy' or 'Orijen Whole Prey Puppy' kibble, but I'm not sure if these are the brands you would recommend.
We would prefer to continue to give kibble part of the week and fresh meat the other part. I am very curious about what you advise regarding this topic.

And also the question of whether it is wise to keep the fresh meat from Carnibest or to switch to another brand?

I would love to hear from you.

"Hi Elaine,

Thank you for your question. Thank you for doing research to get your puppy off to a good start. I hope you find the book very educational and inspiring. A good diet is especially important for puppies, because due to all the vaccinations and worm treatments they already have too many chemicals in their bodies and if extra chemicals are added daily through the food, there is a risk of nasty ailments, allergies and illnesses in the short or longer term. This is something that many owners are unfortunately not aware of. Moreover, nowadays more and more puppies are born with a disadvantage, because they get their basic resistance (a healthy intestinal system and immune system) from the mother. Because many Doodles nowadays have intestinal problems, there is a good chance that the mother also has intestinal problems, but that they are not recognized because the breeder does not recognize the symptoms.

With the right food you can avoid many problems and you are right when you say that you want to replace Royal Canin. If you look at what dogs need to stay energetic and healthy, there are 5 things: proteins (to build and maintain the body), fats (for energy), fiber (for good stools and to keep the intestines healthy), water, vitamins and minerals.

Animal proteins build the body, cells, muscles and the more different animal proteins a dog gets in the week, the better. What a dog does NOT need (but DOES come in a lot of chunks) are carbohydrates. A little bit is not bad, but too much can not be processed by the intestines, which can lead to a damaged intestinal wall and waste products in the blood.

If you look at the ingredients of Royal Canin you will see that it contains almost no proteins (which makes sense, because it is a so-called hypoallergenic food, but no protein at all is fatal to a dog) and more than 60% carbohydrates, with rice as the 1st (so main) ingredient , which is very bad for the intestinal wall. If you want good hypoallergenic food, it is better to avoid the most allergenic proteins (chicken and beef) than to feed NO proteins at all.

And with this you can actually start selecting the right chunks. Of the 3 you mention, the most expensive are also the best, because they contain the most protein and Orijen is also organic, so you know for sure that there are no antibiotics and other junk in the meat. Just choose the variants without chicken and beef, because they have multiple flavors. You can also choose the Edgar & Cooper, but then it is wise to add the right vit & min yourself and extra other proteins via, for example, 100% meat snacks (because snacks often contain a lot of junk too). You can always give the last 2 extra and you can also give extra fiber as a supplement. Let me know if you have any questions. Food is one of the topics that a lot of people have their own opinion about, so I appreciate you taking the time to make the right choices for your dog. By the way, make sure that you let your Doodle drink a lot of water when you feed kibble.

In the membership that I will be setting up, you will not only learn everything about optimal coat care, but also everything about the right nutrition, about diseases and how you can easily prevent them yourself. Maybe you will find that interesting. Think of it as a guide to give your Doodle a long, happy and healthy life. You will learn something new every month for a small monthly fee and you will be able to give your Doodle the right care from puppy onwards :-)

If you want to know more about this, please reply. I'm still looking for owners who want to help me set this up in exchange for a nice discount, so let me know :-)

Lots of Doodle love,

Wanda & Joy