Which brush is best for your Labradoodle or Golden Doodle?


It's not rare for me to receive emails from dog owners whose Labradoodle of 7 to 12 months old has felted.

Some will then claim that the fur was tangle-free to start with, until the moment they left their Doodle with someone else for a few days where suddenly the fur coat ended up felted.

Now, that's impossible.

A coat will never just go fully felted within a day, so when I inquire as to what kind of brush and grooming materials the dog owner uses, the answer is more often than not that they use the wrong materials.

A rudimentary ‘surface’ brush or the green ActiVet brush are OK, as long as the shedding has not fully set in yet.

A puppy coat, after all, does not require as much grooming yet (although it does help for them to get used to it)

But as soon as the puppy coat begins to come off and the mature coat pervades, you'll really need a brush that gets right down to the skin. So if you then still use a brush that only really skims the surface, you'll indeed be left with the effect of thinking that your dog has completely felted within a day.

The truth, however, is that all this time you've been brushing your dog too superficially.

Making it seem as if you've done optimal brushing, whereas in the meantime a felt layer has formed because you never touch the skin during brushing.

Investing in the right brush is a must if you own a Labradoodle, Water dog or Poodle cross breed and you want to avoid these problems.

Labradoodle self grooming

They come with a hefty price tag, but you'll be ever so grateful after having purchased one.

It transforms the entire brushing experience. And your Doodle will be grateful to you, too.

So too will be the dog groomer, who will no longer have to waste precious time defelting the coat or having to shave it all off.

Gratefulness all around, in short.

There you have it: using the right brush makes everyone happy!

Now, choosing the right brush is still far from easy.

For a very thick fleece coat or a curly coat with or without fluff, you'd need the red ActiVet brush.

For a more wavy (smoother, thinner, sleek) coat, the purple ActiVet will aid you well.

But what if your Labradoodle coat is something special and falls in between these categories, or it simply has properties of both? What's the right brush to get?

The new duo brush by ActiVet will take all of your purchasing doubts away.

Because you'll have both the purple and red brush in one, you can never go wrong.

The red side is used for the outside of the body, the purple side for the inside of the body, meaning the inside of the legs, the belly and perhaps the head if you find that easier.

This is by far the safest choice of product.

ActiVet Duo brush

And if you then keep adhering to the other guidelines for Labradoodle grooming (if you havan't yet, download my free ebook on my website to learn what these guidelines are), tangles and felting will become a thing of the past.

If you really want to handle your Doodle's coat care optimally, and never want to be dependent on a dog groomer ever again, and when you want to decide for yourself when, for how long and in what style you groom and shape your Labradoodle...

I would highly recommend my online Labradoodle Self Grooming program.

This is a one-time investment that will teach you to groom and shape your Labradoodle professionally, in a natural and fluffy look.

This investment will pay itself back in no time. Not just by the grooming costs you save, but especially by the advantages it awards you when it comes to dog/owner communication.

It's very fun to do, and ideal to strengthen your relationship with your Labradoodle, based on mutual trust, teamwork and leadership.

If you're interested, go check out the website for more information: Labradoodle self grooming program

Believe me, doing the grooming and shaping yourself makes life with your Labradoodle even more fun and rewarding!

But if you want to get off to a right start, use the right brush.

Don't know where you can buy these brushes? Then take a look on my webshop HERE.

Happy grooming!


Lots of Doodle love,

Wanda & Joy

Labradoodle grooming specialist