Why white is a difficult coat colour for Labradoodles


I've said it before: the white coats of Labradoodles require the most maintenance.

That is, if they're curly or curly fleece coats (which they usually are).

Not just because white Labradoodles love nothing more than to roll around in puddles, mud, sand, etc.

But rather, because white hair is porous, and tangles more easily than brown or black hair.

If this type of coat gets wet and dries by air (or central heating), it’s very susceptible to felting,

especially if the dog is on the floor, rolls around or scratches himself as he's drying up.

What I should clarify is that it's not just white coats, but stray (patches of) white hairs in a brown, apricot or black coat (along with all the other possible colours) are just as vulnerable.

A lot of Labradoodles may seem evenly coloured from a distance, but upon a closer look you will discover a white undercoat below some fluffy patches.

Many apricot or cream coloured Labradoodles have a snow-white underlying layer of fur at the edge of their ear.

Nine out of ten times, these ears are felted because they are not being brushed properly.

This applies equally to the forechest, neck, side, back and the thighs.

The tail is also just as susceptible to frequent tangling, as it's in constant motion.

And let's not forget about the bum. Many coats around the anus end up felted because they often get wet and dog

owners shy away from brushing it because their Labradoodle doesn't approve of or like it.

The same is true for white bellies and white legs.

What it comes down to is that all white parts in an otherwise coloured coat have a risk to felt, because the coat structure is fluffier and softer than the rest of the hair.

Keep this in mind and use a coarse comb after brushing to see if the coat is tangle-free, along with a pet dryer to dry up the wet or dirty parts.

The above, along with having your Labradoodle groomed (or do it yourself) regularly (every 8 weeks), should keep the

coat healthy, shiny and full, rather than weak dull and dead, and keep those nasty tangle issues at bay.

There are of course many more skills that keep your Labradoodle's coat in optimal condition, but you can learn all about those in my Total Doodle Grooming Home Study Program.

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Have fun trimming!

Best wishes, Wanda & Joy

Labradoodle grooming expert