Why you need a grooming table if you want to groom your Labradoodle yourself


During my grooming workshops (formerly group workshops, now only private workshops) it is regularly proven: if you choose to groom your Doodle yourself, you can't do so without a good, professional grooming table.

Your Doodle is smaller and more agile than you, so you will have to bend over backwards to get the job done well without harming yourself. If you plan on grooming and trimming your Doodle on the ground, you will soon experience the following disadvantages:

  • Pain in your knees and back: sitting on the floor is never comfortable and however you try, you will never find the optimal position to brush or trim your dog and you will soon feel it in your back and limbs. Trimming is physically demanding enough, so do yourself and your body a favor and choose a good, professional grooming table.

  • Difficulty getting your Doodle to stand still: a dog will almost always choose to use the space he feels he can use. If you don't have a way to secure your Doodle, chances are that he will just break free and run away. It is difficult to fixate a dog. Know that you will always lose from your Doodle when it comes to strength. If he wants to leave, there's little you can do but let him go.

  • Inefficient coat care: A lot of owners brush their Doodle ying down, either on a gardening / kitchen table or on the ground / couch, because they think they can reach everything well. But tangles are created by friction, pressure and movement, so once you've brushed one side of the body and you roll your Doodle over to brush the other side, you will be ruining your own work and you can basically start over. This technique does not work.

  • Difficulty getting anywhere: how difficult is it to keep your Doodle still while you want to brush the head and muzzle, for example? And if brushing while your Doodle is lying down is difficult, trimming horizontally is impossible if you want to do it right, be it on the table or on the floor. Not to mention it's very dangerous.

  • No leadership: this is the main reason why I am against brushing on the floor or on your lap. Lack of leadership.

If you choose to trim your Doodle on the ground, you will literally lower yourself to his level and you will not be able to take up the leadership role properly. It won't take much to distract your Doodle, making him flee the scene. This way your Doodle will never learn to surrender to you out of trust or to learn to accept the boundaries that you instill.
A grooming table is therefore a real must-have to be able to trim your Doodle optimally and train and parent him at the same time.

Benefits of a grooming table

  • You can trim yoir Doodle at the right work height, so that you don't suffer from back problems during and afterwards
  • You can leave your Doodle stadning on it's own, making it easier to reach everything and work more efficiently
  • You can secure your Doodle to prevent accidents, work more safely and have easy access to all the body parts
  • A dog that is secured immediately feels that something is expected of him and will therefore stand still more calmly and surrender to you more easily out of confidence and trust in you

Why securing your Doodle is necessary

In recent years, I've noticed that some Doodle owners have trouble with (the thought of) securing their Doodle on the grooming table.

While this has been done by professional groomers for decades for the reasons mentioned above and dogs are not bothered by it at all, as they are only secured, not hung or tied down, some owners seem to think that it's somehow mean and stressful for their Doodles. They prefer to trim their Doodle lying down or standing on the table, unsecured, with all the above-mentioned disadvantages as a result, taking the risk that their Doodle will unexpectedly jump off the table, ending up with a broken leg, neck or other injury.

If your Doodle is dear to you (and I know he/she is), please always secure it well, because with dogs, regardless of breed, you always need to be prepared for the worst. Animals are unpredictable and their behavior can be triggered by the slightest thing. Please take this into account.

Lots of Doodle love,

Wanda & Joy


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