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This book is the Labradoodle book you have never read before! The most comprehensive guide to Labradoodle care ever AND the ONLY professional grooming guide in print, teaching you step by step how to groom your Labradoodle or Goldendoodle in that adorable fluffy way YOU LOVE!

 Buying this book will help you save HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS on grooming costs and make you an all knowing, educated Doodle parent on topics like Labradoodle raising, Labradoodle care, Labradoodle coats, Labradoodle health (allergies and diseases) and Labradoodle food.

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Comments on the book so far:

"This book contains really detailed information about doodles and their coat. If you are a doodle parent you should get it"

"My groomer recently increased her prices again, right after my 9 yo labradoodle had his first ACL surgery. Thinking about finances and considering her recent increases in price I began to wonder if I could do some of the grooming myself. I’ve always been intimidated because I have had some complaints from my groomer about one of my dog's coat always being matted when I bring her in, in spite of my brushing her and not finding any tangles. I Googled Labradoodle grooming and I learned about Wanda's book and online grooming program. After reading the book, I purchased the ActiVet brush, and have started brushing the way you recommend in your book and after just a couple of weeks I have already noticed a difference in the appearance and feel of their coats, as well as the amount of fluff balls of hair I find under the dining room table! I’m gaining confidence in my ability and want to start grooming them next!"

"This book is amazing. We are getting an Australian Labradoodle puppy this summer and I am determined to learn to groom my dog myself. Having checked out the grooming costs, I was very concerned. Now I feel like I will be able to groom my dog at home thanks to the author. This book is extremely detailed, encouraging, user friendly and helpful. I have found nothing else like it anywhere. The author also has an online course which I may invest in but I also feel like this book is helpful as a stand alone guide. I cant believe there are not any other reviews on here! This book is that good. If you are a new doodle owner or want to try grooming at home, buy this book. You will not be sorry. Thank you Wanda! This has been a huge help and blessing to me and has made me confident I can do this" 

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