Brushing Pro and Tangle Tackle Program

Do you love your Doodle to bits? And do you adore its fluffy look?



Does it feel like your Doodle gets tangled overnight, how ever much you brush it?


Are you sick of your Doodle being clipped far shorter then you like?


And would you LOVE to know exactly how you can keep the coat beautifully fluffy, healthy and tangle free yourself?


Using 3 simple techniques that not even all groomers know?


Then this is the right program for you!



As a Doodle coat expert and writer of the book “From scruffy to lovely, How to keep your Doodle healthy, happy and tangle free? The first ultimate guide to Doodle coat care and comfort” I have made it my mission in life to provide all Doodle owners worldwide with the right knowledge, insights and tools to keep the coat tangle free and give their Doodle the best care possible.

I have redesigned the grooming process into easy to follow, step by step instructions so that you too can learn how to groom your Doodle professionally in a natural, fluffy way and produce that special fluffy teddybear like Doodle look you love! " 


As you may have found out by now: Doodles have the most difficult coat to maintain then any other dog breed.

And many groomers don't know how to deal with them, without clipping them short.

As a specialized Doodle groomer I know all about it. 

Spending the last 10 years teaching Doodle owners to groom their Doodle like a pro, in the fluffy way they love I have been fortunate to help hundreds of owners give their Doodle the best care possible an enjoy their Doodle even more.

I have been detangling Doodle coats on a daily basis and if there's one thing I learned, it's this:

It's impossible to trim a Doodle in a natural looking, fluffy way if you haven't pre-treated the coat first.



Pre-treating a coat involves all the techniques that you need to brush the coat efficiently and effectively, remove tangles and mats invisibly and thin the coat to make it less thick, plush and therefor prone to tangling.

This is something that most groomers don't do, because of a lack of time, skills or knowledge.

And what makes all the difference in making your Doodle look its fluffy best and the coat less sensitive to tangles.

So how would you like to learn these techniques yourself?

And be able to keep your Doodle healthy, happy, fluffy and tangle free yourself?

Just think about the benefits for you and your Doodle: 

Learning these techniques will:


  • Keep your Doodle tangle free always, without ugly looking cut marks
  • Free your Doodle from a feeling of discomfort, making it happier and even more playful then ever
  • Save you tons of money on grooming costs
  • Save you tons of frustration, about the groomer, tangles or mats and not knowing what to do
  • Spare your Doodle from being shaved shorter then you'd like
  • Make the grooming ritual much more enjoyable for you and your Doodle
  • Improve the relationship with your Doodle

  • Make you more confident in taking the wellbeing of your Doodle in to your own hands


Grooming their Doodle is something that proves to be a lot more difficult then most owners seem to think.

It is not just about brushing the coat regularly. It's about

  • Using the right brushing equipment
  • Knowing the right brushing techniques
  • Recognizing when the coat is tangled or matted
  • Knowing how to prevent tangles and mats
  • Knowing how to remove tangles and mats without damaging the coat
  • Knowing how to treat the coat to keep your Doodle from getting hot
  • Knowing how to keep your Doodle calm during brushing and not act up, biting in the brush or portraying other hesitant behaviour.

Most Doodles become tangled during or after the changing of the coat, because the owners use the wrong materials and brush the wrong way.

Also when a Doodles loves to play in the dirt, get wet, sandy and dirty a lot of owners have a hard time keeping the coat healthy and tangle free.

The brushing Pro and Tangle Tackle program teaches you exactly what to do and not to do, which equipment to use and how to use it, to make grooming and especially pre-treating the coat an enjoyable experience for your Doodle and for you.

Does the groomer shave your Doodle shorter then you like? 

Learning how to pre-treat the coat optimally will help keep the coat tangle free, preventing the groomer from shaving, PLUS shortening the grooming time, saving LOTS OF MONEY ON GROOMING COSTS.

Which Doodle owner wouldn't want that?

All you need to do is purchase this program and you can start keeping your Doodle fluffy, happy and tangle free TODAY!


For a one-time special price of only $ 37.00 (normally $ 97.00) you will receive:

  • My e-book “7 Expert secrets to brush your Doodle efficiently and effectively”

This book teaches you all about Doodle coats and what makes them so high maintenance, why so many experts (groomers, breeders) have different opinions on grooming, which professional equipment to use, which pain free, stress free brushing techniques to use, why white and black Doodle coats have special grooming needs and much more.

  • My Tangle Tackle book

    This book teaches you what tangles are, how tangles develop, how to recognize tangles and mats and all the right professional detangling and thinning techniques and tools you need to keep your Doodle tangle free ALWAYS.

  • Brush test video

    This video reveals which brush works best on your Doodle’s coat

  • Brushing, detangling and thinning instruction video

    This video is part of my Doodle Total Home Grooming Training and teach you exactly what to do, in the best, HD, up close film quality AVAILABLE NOWHERE ELSE!

  • Q & A list of the most frequently asked questions about grooming by Doodle owners 
  • Access to the private FaceBook group where you can access all the content to practise with BEFORE we go LIVE, where you can ask all your questions and meet other Doodle parents


    On a day and time that we will decide together with all the group members we are doing a LIVE workshop in the FB group, using Zoom, where we cover all 3 techniques step by step (while I give instructions on my own dog) and I give you feedback to prevent you from making any mistakes AND help you improve your skills. This way you are not alone, the whole group will support you and we will work side by side (digitally) to achieve the best results.

    PS If you can't make it on this day (we will choose the day in the group) there will be a replay that you can watch any time you like


The very FIRST step to the Doodle look you love is knowing how to keep the coat healthy and tangle free


Reading both e-books and learning the right techniques will help you know exactly what to do


help you keep your Doodle or Oodle mat free and fluffy, so you can groom him any way you like.

If you were ever unsure on how to brush and detangle your Doodle the right efficient way?

This program will help you take the first steps to taking the wellbeing of your Doodle into your own hands with ease and confidence.

But that’s not all…

If you order NOW, you will not only get the best deal ever 
(NOT the regular FREE introduction price of $ 57.00 in stead of $ 97.00 but the special price of only $ 37.00 IF YOU SIGN UP NOW! (this deal will only be available for 3 days, after that it will return to $ 57.00 again)

I will also give you some bonuses to make your new brushing experience even more educational and fun.

  • Free report 1: “The advantages of using a professional grooming table and how to keep your Doodle calm during brushing?”

  • Free report 2: “What every owner needs to know about Doodle coats and why they are so challenging to groom?”

  • Free report 3: “How grooming your Doodle yourself improves the dog-owner relationship” + MP3

PLUS The first 10 people to order will receive an exclusive bonus:

a FREE grooming & care consult for your Doodle, based on a recent photo, worth $ 50.00


a 10% discount on my future "How to groom your Doodle like a fluffy pup in 7 steps" workshop. 

Think about how it would feel to be able to keep your Doodle fluffy and tangle free at all times!

And see that your Doodle is happier in its own skin then it has ever been!

And know that your Doodle never needs to be clipped short again!


That's priceless, right?


You can make it all happen with a one time investment of just $ 37.00

You and your Doodle are worth it, aren't you? 


  • No more shaving too short for your liking!
  • No more being dependant on groomers 
  • No more tangles and mats!


This program will make you the brushing pro and tangle tackle queen every other Doodle owner will want advice from and make your Doodle love and respect you even more!


 So order NOW! 

And start taking the wellbeing of your Doodle into your own hands TODAY!




Happy grooming!