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Who am I?

My name is Wanda Klomp. As THE Doodle grooming expert and author of the book "From scruffy to lovely. How to keep your Doodle healthy, happy and tangle free? The ultimate guide to Labradoodle grooming and care" Doodle and Waterdog coat care and grooming is my daily business. With a mission to help as many Doodle parents give their dog the best care possible, prevent shaving as a means to remove mats and improving the owner/dog relationship, I have developed special Doodle grooming courses for owners 9 years ago and started blogging about Doodle coat care. After being lucky enough to help hundreds of owners worldwide give their dog the best care, I am hoping to be able to help you keep your Doodle or waterdog happy, healthy, fluffy and tangle free too.