Labradoodle grooming

Congratulations on your new Labradoodle!

There you are, holding that precious furball in your hands: playful, cheerful, super cute and a fluffy coat to die for! Whether it's a Labradoodle, Australian Doodle, Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle or other type of Poodle mix: you are the happiest dog owner on earth and you want to offer your pup everything to guarantee that it lives a happy dog life.

A proper coat maintenance plays an important part in the upbringing of your Labradoodle.
Unfortunately a lot of new Labradoodle owners do not know what is needed to groom the coat of their dog properly. This can cause a great shock when they visit a dog groomer for the first time. 9 out of 10 owners experience that the fluffy, lovely coat they fell in love with is shaved and reduced to a short coat and very different look when they visit the dog groomer.

Read this response of Linda Holdtgrefe who participated in my Labradoodle grooming workshop with her Labradoodle Noara years ago. She is only one of the many Labradoodle owners that had this kind of experience.

Who Am I?

If you want the best care for your Labradoodle, I am your girl!

My name is Wanda Klomp and in 2011 I started my company Doodlecomfort, making it my mission to help every Labradoodle owner in the world give their Doodle the best care possible by making them self sufficient in Labradoodle grooming.


  • By providing the right knowledge to give you the power to make the best decisions for your Labradoodle
  • By providing you with the right professional Labradoodle grooming tools and skills to help you feel confident in grooming your own Labradoodle.

Why would you want to learn to groom your own Labradoodle?

Because many Labradoodles and Poodle mixes have such a tangle prone coat, that many groomers don't know what to do with them. Lots of Labradoodles either get shaved or groomed like a Poodle OR are cut in a weird looking shape lwith for example a beard that's much too long, head that's much too flat on top, legs that don't match the body etc, etc. 

Lots of Labradoodle owners depend on their groomer, paying good money for a grooming that they are not really happy about meanwhile not knowing how their often sensitive Doodle will react to the stressful working environment of the groomer.

Most Labradoodles get their first ever grooming at the age of 10 to 12 months, having a very stressful experience being shaved because of the tangles, knots and felt in the coat....THIS IS NOT THE FIRST GROOMING EXPERIENCE YOU WANT FOR YOUR LABRADOODLE.

And it's totally unnecessary, because if you know how to groom your Labradoodle yourself, the coat doesn't need to get tangled, knotted or felted and your Labradoodle doesn't need to be shaved.

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