Do you love your Doodle to bits?





  • Are you frustrated about the needed coat care and questioning whether you are using the right grooming equipment, the right way?

  • Does is irritate you that minutes after brushing the coat the tangles magically seem to (re)appear in the worst places?
  • Are you forced to keep the coat short because your Doodle loves to swim, play in the dirt, mud or sand and you don't know how to deal with tangles or mats?
  • Are you tired of the shaved, unnatural look of your Doodle, because your groomer doesn't know how to deal with Doodle coats?
  • And that everybody you speak to gives you different grooming advice? 


How would you like to be done with all that?

  • To get the right answers to all your questions by the Doodle grooming expert?
  • Know exactly which grooming equipment to use on your Doodle's coat and how?
  • Be able to choose the coat length you want, keeping it healthy and tangle free without depending on a groomer?
  • And become more confident than ever, knowing how to deal with your Doodle's coat, taking its well being in to your own hands?




As a Doodle coat expert and writer of the Labradoodle grooming book “From scruffy to lovely, How to keep your Doodle healthy, happy and tangle free? The first ultimate guide to Doodle coat care and comfort” I have made it my mission in life to provide all Doodle owners with the right knowledge, insights and tools to give their Doodle the best care possible.

I have redesigned the grooming process into easy to follow, step by step instructions so that you too can learn how to groom your Doodle professionally in a natural, fluffy way and produce that special teddybear like Doodle look you love! "  



  • No more tangles!

  • No more mats!

  • No more shaving too short!


The #1 asked question on Doodle forums is “how can I keep my Doodle tangle free?”, leading to all sorts of health problems, tangles and mats and lots of disillusioned owners who want to give their Doodle the best care possible, but just don’t know how.

The other issue is that owners hate the way their Doodle is groomed

Well, no more of that!


Introducing to you the FIRST EVER Professional Doodle Self Grooming Home Study Programs.
These programs are especially designed to teach you how to groom your Doodle like a pro in a natural, fluffy way, the look you super easy to follow steps.

As a specialized Doodle groomer I took the effort to produce the best quality, clear instruction video's, showing every step in detail of me grooming a Doodle from head to toe, while explaining what I am doing. 

Each program contains the right video instructions for the grooming part of your choice, completed with extra expert information to make for a clear, easy comprehensable labradoodle DIY course.

From brushing, detangling and thinning the coat, to bathing and using the pet dryer the right way, to grooming your Doodle from head to toe with the right professional grooming equipment, especially selected for the high-maintenance Doodle coats....

You will learn it all! 

YES! You can go to your local groomer and ask him or her to give you a workshop. 

How much would you be willing to pay for that?


  • Does your groomer really groom your Doodle in the fluffy puppy look you LOVE (or would you be setteling for less, just to be able to groom your Doodle yourself?)
  • Would your groomer teach you everything you need to know, besides the shaping part, so that you would be able to handle and prevent tangles and mats FOR EVER? Chances are no
  • How would you be able to remember every step you have learned the next day or the next week? You can't possibly record hours of grooming. And if you have learned everything you need to groom your Doodle yourself, in the fluffy way YOU love, which takes a whole day, not a few hours, trust me, you won't remember half of it the next day, let alone a week later
  • And what about the grooming equipment? Most groomers use Poodle scissors when a real fluffy look is only created by special thinning scissors, which are not available for the public (and the ones that are don't really work well on Doodle coats)

As you may have experienced by now: most groomers don't know how to handle Doodle coats the right way, leading to all sorts of experimental looks, Poodle grooming or often shaving too short for your liking, short legs and a head that doesn't really reflect your Doodle's perfect character.

Why spend lots of money on a grooming course that will only make you need a professional groomer after a while again?


Are you willing to settle and possibly stay dependent on your groomer



Do you choose to say goodbye to your groomer FOREVER and purchase the right training that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know?


This program will help you to never have to depent on a groomer again, saving you a lot of money, travelling time and expenses, but above all...a lot of frustration.

And give you the tools you need to take the wellbeing of your Doodle in to your own hands

So if you would like your Doodle to look like this



Or this:


This one time investment will help you get everything you want!


If you want to learn to groom your Doodle professionally, in a natural, fluffy way, there are 2 ways to get started:

Brushing Pro and Tangle Tackle Program

If you want to learn how to brush your Doodle effectively and efficiently and remove tangles invisibly: the Brushing Pro and Tangle Tackle Program will teach you all that and more and is the perfect introduction to experience whether learning to groom your Doodle by using the From Scruffy to Lovely self grooming programs suits you.


Master Grooming Program

If you are eager to learn all the 7 steps of grooming your Doodle like a pro, in a natural, fluffy way, the Total Professional Doodle Self Grooming Home Study Program is IT for you.

All these programs have different options, so you can choose what's right for you!


This is a preview of the step by step instruction video's you will receive
(excuse my English voice over. I am Dutch)





How much does it cost to have your Doodle groomed on a regular basis?

As a dog with a coat that needs to be groomed every 2 months to keep it healthy and tangle free, with grooming costs varying from $ 70 to $ 200, depending on location and groomer, your Doodle costs you about $ 600 a year to get groomed properly (if that's even the case).

Fair enough, if you want to start self grooming your Doodle you will need to learn how and buy the right grooming equipment, including a stabile grooming table. This can cost you over $ 1000 to do it right! That's too big of an investment for most owners.

BUT if you do the math, figuring that your Doodle will reach the age of 15 years, having it groomed every 2 months will cost you over $ 9000!!! That's a fortune in the long learning to do it yourself in the right way and buy the right professional equipment that will last years will actually save you thousands of dollars in the life span of your Doodle.

And what if you own multiple Doodles? Then the equation is easily made.


This program will:

  • Answer any questions you have on Doodle coat care
  • Teach you which kind of care your Doodle needs, based on coat and body structure
  • Teach you how to groom your Doodle professionally, in a natural, fluffy way
  • Save you tons of money on grooming costs, not to mention travelling time, expenses and a lot of frustration
  • Make you independant of any groomer: choosing for yourself when, how long, how you are going to groom your Doodle and what you want it to look like
  • Provide you with the best grooming equipment especially selected for Doodle coats, not available in retail stores
  • Make the grooming ritual even more enjoyable for your Doodle and for you

  • Improve the relationship with your Doodle
  • Teach you how to prevent and remove mats and tangles without ruining the coat
  • Make you confident in taking the wellbeing of your Doodle in to your own hands

    And make you the best Doodle parent ever!


These are some of the testimonials of the hundreds of Dutch Doodle owners that did my (online) workshops.

If you want to see before and after photo's, just go to my Doodle Comfort FaceBook page and scroll down

Els and Doodle Indy:

We had brought our Labradoodle Indy to a dog grooming salon once, but noticed how unhappy she was there. And considering the fact that her coat needs to be groomed every two months, we did not want to put her through this any longer. So we decided to do it ourselves, also in recommendation of the breeder who said that grooming your dog yourself strengthens the bond with your dog. The instructions in the video’s are good and clear. The extra information texts in the video’s are especially helpful. The instructions by Wanda are top-class and the end result is wonderful! I would recommend the workshops, because you learn the basics and gain trust to get at it yourself. To do the grooming yourself saves you a lot of money! After the workshop we were left with the trust, the tricks and the materials and we are super happy about that!

Debbie and her Doodle:

These are very nice and instructive workshops! From brushing to cutting the feet between the toes, to cleaning/plucking the ears, I have learned it all. And having the right equipment helps a lot! Even if I say so myself, the grooming is going better all the time and I am starting to become more skilled! These workshops are recommendable!

Marielle and Doodle Twist:

Top-class workshop! I could not come up with it all by myself! It was rather exciting to groom my dog myself, but the clear directions of Wanda make it easy and fun. It is clear that Wanda knows what she is talking about ;) I could not have come up with these tricks myself; which position is best, what you can cut away to get a nice model and also what not to cut and why! Although not everything is nice for the dog, he does get used to it, I can let him play in between sections and that makes it easier for him in the long run. Besides it is very nice to strengthen the bond to work like that with your dog. The Doodle grooming video’s are really recommendable! Now I need to practise a lot, so that I can maintain my Doodle myself!
Thanks Wanda.


How about these adorable Doodles before and after my workshop? This is the grooming method you will learn using my program.


Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: hondAfbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: hond en binnen, mogelijk herkende tekst: Before and after photo Labradoodle
Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: hond en binnenAfbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: hond


The very best way to get your Doodle looking the way you love is learning how to groom him yourself.

These programs will teach you exactly how to do that with confidence and ease.

Order now and start taking the wellbeing of your Doodle in to your own hands


Happy grooming!

Warm regards,
Wanda & Joy