Who am I?

Labradoodle grooming specialist Wanda KlompMy name is Wanda Klomp and I am a life coach / Labradoodle grooming specialist in the Netherlands.

I started my company DoodleComfort 7 years ago to make Labradoodle, Goldendoodle and other Poodle mix owners selfsufficient in grooming their Labradoodle, giving it the best care possible and not having to rely on groomers or vets for their Labradoodles' wellbeing.

Born and raised by a perfectionist groomer and dog fanatic, who’s life excisted off all things dog I grew up surrounded by dogs, having dog grooming and interacting with dogs as a second nature.

But becoming a dog groomer myself was the last thing I wanted to do with my life. I envisioned a more glamourous life, working as a Human Resources Consultant for high end companies, sparring with high end people.

After spending years denying my heritage, life taught me to embrace my talents and start doing things my way, not needing to become a clone of my mother, but being able to create a whole new business, helping people in a whole new way

When I lost my job working as a corporate recruiter in 2008, bacuse of the upcoming financial crisis, I put my pride aside and started working in the grooming salon with my mother.

Being taught to do more then the brushing, washing and drying I discovered that I not only had a talent for grooming dogs, but that I LOVED the challenge of making even the most scruffy, tangled coat look lovely and fluffy again. I enjoyed grooming so much that I decided to do the official grooming training, next to my education for becoming a life coach.

When my mother introduced the French Waterdog in the Netherlands and started breeding French and Italian Waterdogs these breeds started coming to the salon frequently and I learned to groom in a natural, fluffy way. Totally different from the way other breeds, including Poodles were groomed.

Owners loved this new casual look and soon every Labradoodle owner in the neighbourhood started to bring their dog to get that same fluffy grooming.

When owners started to ask me to teach them to groom their Labradoodle this way themselves, I saw the chance to start a whole new business: teaching Labradoodle and Waterdog owners to groom their dog themselves in the way THEY love. And so DoodleComfort was born, giving me the chance to work with people AND their dogs. which for me is the perfect combo for the ideal job!

As a life coach I am all about helping people find and embrace their inner strength. I love to help people become selfsufficient  and confident and not be dependent on anyone, let alone groomers. I believe that grooming your own Labradoodle is the starting point to building a strong relationship, based on mutual respect, teamwork and natural leadership. 

This is why I am on a mission to get every Labradoodle, Goldendoodle and Poodle mix owner to do at least their dog's basic grooming. It is so easy to do and gives you so many benefits, next to saving your Labradoodle from being shaved every time, but in stead enabling him to keep the protection and safety of his own fluffy coat while being free of tangles, knots or felt spots non the less.

How great is that?

The first step to becoming the selfsufficient, loving, best parent you can be to your Labradoodle, is education. Knowledge gives you the power to make the right decisions for your Labradoodle. That's why this website, my blogs, free ebook, free book preview, you tube video's, Facebook page AND my book on Amazon.com are full of information and inspiration. 

Please take the time to explore and educate yourself, deciding for yourself how you can give your Labradoodle the best care possible, being the best, responsible parent you can be.

Enjoy your journey and your Doodle, because I believe he or she came into your life for a reason.

Lots of Doodle love,

Wanda and Joy