Why start grooming your Labradoodle yourself?

I am not telling you to start grooming your Labradoodle, Goldendoodle or Poodle mix dog yourself, but grooming is a process containing two parts

Basic grooming/coat maintenance

Brushing the coat effectively, dematting in a pain free, stress free way, thinning the coat (not many groomers do this but choose shaving instead): everything the coat needs to be tangle free, airy and healthy: what I like to call the pre-grooming of the coat OR preparing the coat for the shaping process

And every skill needed to keep your dog happy and healthy: plucking the ears, cutting the feet, clipping the nails, cutting the eyes free, keeping the anus and penis or vulva free of hair.

Shaping/modelling of the body

Most groomers still are using barber scissors for shaping a Labradoodle like a Poodle. Or they only use clippers and make your Labradoodle look like a bony version of itself. Good groomers however use the right thinning scissors the right way PLUS clippers with ad-on combs for the body, to get an evenly looking, fluffy shape and manipulate the coat to make it look thicker, more plush and give your Labradoodle more body.

The difference? Your Labradoodle looks like his fluffy self in stead of like a whole different dog. 

I have been trained to make every dog look like his best self. For me a Labradoodle should always look younger, healthier, more muscular, happier and more playful after the grooming. The way it looked as a pup, but in a bigger version. With a head that complements the great personality. Even when the coat is tangled and other groomers would shave it, I will always make a Labradoodle look his best self. This is the way I work and this is the way I teach my customers to groom their Labradoodles. 

Why start doing the basic grooming yourself?

Being able to shape the body the way YOU LOVE is a real plus, BUT handling the basic grooming yourself is FAR MORE important for your Labradoodle's wellbeing. ALSO a coat that's full of tangles can NOT EVER get a real proper grooming AND will leave your Labradoodle feeling unhappy, not being able to move freely, feeling itchy, getting sores etc. 

Labradoodle ear care

The same goes for ear care: the ears need to be plucked properly every 8 weeks or so, to prevent ear problems. Not every Labradoodle owner knows this AND not every groomer does this the right way, hurting your Labradoodle and leaving the ears itching or inflamed.

All the skills used for the basic grooming of your Labradoodle don't need you to be creative in any way. 
If you are willing to learn and if you are passionate about giving your Labradoodle the best care possible...that's all you need.

I believe that every Labradoodle, Goldendoodle or Poodle mix owner should do the basic grooming themselves

Not only to save their Labradoodle a lot of stress and bad first grooming experience. Also to save a lot of money, enable the groomer to keep your Labradoodle nice and fluffy, not having to worry about tangles, but MORE IMPORTANTLY to improve the relationship with your Labradoodle based on mutual respect, teamwork and natural leadership.

If you are able to groom your Labradoodle in a calm stress free way, your labradoodle will accept you as his natural leader which will improve the interaction on a daily basis. Learning to do the basic grooming of your pup is the perfect means to puppy grooming habituation training.

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